Elementor #117

Payment Processing
Made Easy

Same-Day Processing

Almond Pay offers same day ACH processing to ensure your funds reach your customers the same day. Contact us to learn about our customized pricing.

Industry Agnostic

With our multiple payment processing options, Almond Pay is industry agnostic. Our range of solutions is versatile and enables payments in every industry.

Automate Recurring Payments

With ACH processing and Remotely Created Checks, give your customers options and make it easy for them to enroll in recurring payments.

Reporting & Invoicing

Our online bill-pay enables a smooth invoicing and settlement process with our clients. Seamless integration with our reporting portal!

Choose the perfect Option for your Business

Almond Pay offers the best of the payment options available in the industry today. Give your customers multiple methods to pay and ensure ease of use. Almond Pay enables auto-pay via ACH, Credit Cards, as well as Remotely Created Checks, also known as E-Checks or Check 21.


Remotely Created CHecks

  • Great For Lenders
  • Same Day Cash Availability
  • High Risk Merchants


Automated Clearing House

  • Low Cost
  • Broad Capabilities
  • Eliminate Risk


Credit Card Processing

  • Secure
  • Convenient
  • Easy to Use